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New machinery. An advantage also for our customers

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The latest investments have been important for SIMA’s productivity: the company is growing year on year, beating all sales records set the previous year. This would not be possible without updating the machinery. New machinery means better performing, faster and more reliable processing techniques. And two very recent new machine additions are at the heart of our product processing.

Up-to-date plasma cutting

The latest generation plasma cutting machine is capable of cutting thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 50 mm, with a speed and cleanliness of cut which is unprecedented at SIMA.
This allows total production autonomy, without the need for third parties, with time and cost savings and with the considerable advantage of full control over quality.
The production flow makes it possible to proceed in-house from the 2D drawing to the “nesting”, i.e. the virtual assembly of the parts to be cut on the sheet metal, right up to the actual cut carried out by the machine. No waste, no delay.

New bending machine, maximum efficiency

The new bending machine allows higher performance levels: we can give shape to our products and some components, without substantial limitations, precisely and quickly.

Greater precision in the management of materials and processes, faster turnaround times and lower costs also translate into advantages for the customer, with products that are always at the cutting edge and maximum quality at the best price… In short, here at SIMA we never stop!