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Welcome to S.I.M.A. Earthmoving equipment

25 years experience in the construction of facilities to support the work in the field.

Thanks to the advances of industrial technologies, SIMA has constantly upgraded its production department with advanced machinery and the technical department with the latest machines.

SIMA makes use of a CAD / CAM system characterized by advanced technical solutions for a perfect design and production of its entire range of products.

Some technologies used


Computer Aided Drafting, ie technical design computer: computer graphics software in support of the technical drawing.


CAM th the acronym for the espressione English “Computer-Aided Manufacturing“, Which means computer-aided manufacturing.


Method used for cutting ‘steel and other metals (And sometimes other materials) using a plasma torcia.


Concrete mixing bucket

Several studies have been carried out on the bucket for its continuous improvement, one of the most recent introduction of the curved part to facilitate cargo and workmanship.

Bucket Sweeper

SIMA sweepers are suitable to be mounted on different types of skid, tire or wheel loader.

Industrial Bucket Sweeper

Industrial sweepers are indicated for the cleaning of squares, sheds, cycle lanes or sidewalks.

Fork carriage

The lifting forks can be SIMA applied to any type di ski, o pala States gommata

Thanks to the constant and massive in the years of sheet metal Hardox 400/450/500, with the constant support of SSAB, the transition from cut to cut Oxyfuel Plasma High Definition, in May 2014 SIMA has been certified Hardox IN MY BODY

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