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Hardox®500 Tuf for SIMA mixer buckets

The quality of the raw materials is a key concern for us at SIMA. We know the importance of materials in order to achieve the high performance standards of our products. For SIMA’s mixer buckets we use one of the best wear-resistant steels on the market: Hardox® manufactured by SSAB. For a long time we have used Hardox® 450 for the double bottom of buckets and Hardox® 500 for the propellers used to mix the concrete. But in 2021 there was a major change. For both the parts – double bottom and propellers – we switched to Hardox® 500 Tuf, the latest addition to the Hardox® range: the same qualities as Hardox® 450 and 500, but to the nth degree.

What is Hardox®?

Hardox® is a special wear-resistant steel used for truck bodies and ship liners and is also perfect for buckets. Produced by SSAB, the market leader in steel production, it is a very strong, extremely durable and resilient material with unique hardness and toughness characteristics. It has the advantage of a high productivity, even when used in difficult environments, such as mining.

SIMA mixer buckets, reinforced with Hardox® wear-resistant steel, can withstand high work intensities and last longer. In addition, the material has a high level of workability and is so strong that other reinforcement components are reduced to a minimum. This means fewer welds and fewer joints.

Why have we upgraded to Hardox® 500 Tuf?

We are always on the lookout for new technologies and materials to make our mixer buckets more durable and provide higher performance levels. This is why we have chosen Hardox® 500 Tuf: this material represents a new frontier for anti-wear steel plates. It lasts 30% to 50% longer than Hardox® 450 and up to 85% – 100% longer than other steels. It bears more weight whilst maintaining the same lightness and workability. It combines the special features of Hardox® 450 and 500 in a single product, which also simplifies our purchasing activities and the management of raw materials, as we deal with one material for several components.

Our high quality material choices are an advantage for the customer: the longer life of the equipment translates into a better investment!