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A new shed at SIMA.

New shed

SIMA has undergone a significant expansion over recent years, which is also the result of a constant investment in materials, techniques and operational machinery. The rationalisation of workflows and correct logistics are of primary importance along this growth path, which in turn are conditioned by appropriate spatial management. Hence the decision to build a new shed , in addition to the original nucleus where SIMA was founded, within the total area of 10,000 m2 in which the company operates.

1,200 extra square metres of floor space for better working conditions

The new SIMA shed was recently completed, with the specific aim of supporting the implementation of the production. The 1,200 square metre facility houses the warehouse and the central stages of the production cycle, which at SIMA is carried out fully in-house. The raw material is processed in the new shed in order to obtain the components for the buckets and equipment we produce.

In particular, the following activities take place here:

  • Plasma cutting: steel sheets are cut into various thicknesses to obtain the parts that will later form the products;
  • Bending: we give shape to the products and some components with the press;
  • Calendering: the steel sheets which will later become our mixing buckets are bent.

New building, new work organisation

Thanks to the major expansion of the facilities, the original main shed can now focus exclusively on the assembly phase, with the welding and painting of the products.

The freeing up of space has also enabled the expansion of the spray booth: it is of the latest generation, larger than the previous one, housing more products and optimising drying times, thereby increasing productivity and enabling future developments in painting techniques.

We have thus created more workstations and increased the amount of equipment produced on a daily basis, whilst providing more spacious and organised environments, also for more efficient working conditions.