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From consultancy to support

The final sale of a mixer bucket, sweeper or other SIMA equipment is just the culmination of the advice and services we offer customers to satisfy their needs. We will support you at every stage of the creation and life of the product: from design to after-sales services.

Design and customisation

During this phase we try to understand how best to adapt our equipment to the needs of our customers so that they can always make 100% use of our products.

Fully in-house production

All the creation phases (design, choice of materials and components, plasma cutting, bending, assembly, painting) are carried out completely in-house at SIMA, which allows us to monitor every single stage of product production, ensuring 100% Made in Italy quality.

After-sales support and spare parts

SIMA offers an effective after-sales service thanks to a widespread network of dealers and authorised workshops all over the world, using genuine spare parts.

On-site maintenance/repair

In order to ensure the correct operation of our equipment, even after a long period of intensive use, we provide the services of experienced technicians who will maintain and/or repair the product at our premises.

Are you interested in one of our products?

All SIMA's mixing buckets and attachments are applicable to any type of earthmoving equipment