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Hardox in My Body

Thanks to the constant and massive in the years of sheet metal Hardox 400/450/500, with the constant support of SSAB, the transition from cut to cut Oxyfuel Plasma High Definition (HD which provides a lower heat input and preserves the original quality of the sheet), in May 2014 SIMA has been certified Hardox IN MY BODY, in compliance with technical standards and quality Hardox / SSAB, ensuring BENEFITS, and LIFE SAVING products.
SIMA team

Certification S.I.M.A.

The structures made of Hardox last longer and weigh less, allowing for greater load capacity. This is why the label “Hardox In My Body” is intelligence, performance and economic efficiency. Anyone can buy and enjoy a product branded “Hardox In My Body.” Not everyone can make a product like that. Only the best manufacturers can boast this certification.