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The SIMA sweepers are adapted to be mounted on different types of skidTriad the shovel gommata.

All of our sweepers mountain brush with a diameter of 600 mm., Also have self-leveling nylon wheels. The blade is wear-resistant double-bevel, and bolted reversible.

Hydraulic motor DANFOSS in direct brush shaft, thanks to this system there are considerable advantages, since it eliminates the traditional transmission sprocket / chain / crown resulting in less maintenance for the machine.

Sima sweepers are divided into two versions (standard or industrial).

Standard sweepers are indicated for asphalt users or in any case they must collect significant quantities of residues; They are applicable to any type of skid-loader, backhoe, bumper or telescopic lift. They are supplied with PPN brushes, a double reversible bevel knife and direct engine with the shaft.

Optional that can be mounted on the various Models

Optional spazzatrici standardOptional spazzatrici industriali
Ruote interne in nylon(4 interne)no
Ruote interne in nylon+ferro(4 interne)no
Ruote esterne (2 interne+2esterne)nylonno
Ruote esterne in ferro(2 interne+2 esterne)no
Kit spazzola pulizia lateralesi
Kit innaffiante a pressionesi
Kit innaffiante a caduta con o senza serbatoiosi
Spazzole centrali o laterali in acciaiosi

Skills of various Models

Caratteristiche ModelloLarghezza totale (mm)Larghezza di lavoro (mm)Profondità (mm)Altezza (mm)Peso (Kg)Spazzola (Ø mm)n. di spazzoleCapacità (lt)
SPZ 1214501200145080025060028360
SPZ 1517501500145080030060032450
SPZ 1821001800160080040060040540
SPZ 2124002100160080055060046630
SPZ 2427002400190080070060054720
SPZ 2629002600190080080060059810